Here Is The Handy Puck

Considerably Reduces Workload

Handy puck

The task that used to take 30 to 45 minutes now takes 5 minutes

Now An Easy Task

It ain’t no easy nor pleasant task to remove the toilet bowl’s filling valve. Using conventional tools in the best of conditions, this work requires actually 45 to 60 minutes to execute. That is if you do not encounter stuck or damaged screws.

NO MORE Unconfortable Positions

In the best of conditions, yes! But in reality here is how the situation presents itself most of the time. The majority of the toilet bowls are installed in the corner of a room, next to a counter, making it very difficult to reach the filling valve and remove it from under the tank. The only solution remains to lay on your back under the tank and try to remove the filling valve the best you can. It becomes quickly uncomfortable.

NO MORE Damaged Nuts

Another common problem is when you encounter stuck or damaged screws. Conventional tools used to do this type of work damage the nuts because they are not well adapted to the task. The nuts being in plastic they are more easily damageable, witch makes it more difficult to remove. Plumbers that we have encountered have changed hundreds of those and some of them mentionned they had to saw the mechanism in order to remove it.

The Solution

After careful consideration of all these problems and frustrations, Handy Puck was born. Now thanks to Handy Puck you can change your toilet mechanism in less than 5 minutes, sitting comfortably on the seat.


  • Robust & Secure
  • Handy Puck holds in one hand
  • Allows to work in a comfortable position
  • Prevents wear of parts
  • Great Save of Time & Money
  • Specially designed to avoid the speedway and allow to attack immediately the nuts without any difficulty.
  • The opening of the Handy Puck is perfect to easily unscrew the nuts by hand.
  • Both sides of the Handy Puck are different, allowing to fit all type of nuts (North American standard).

Make sure you have it in your tool box

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For Everyone from
18 to 88 years old